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"I'm thrilled to continue partnering with Avon on my Outspoken fragrances. Outspoken Fresh is a bolder, vibrant fragrance that makes you feel energized and alive. It's about having fearless confidence with a fresh and colorful twist."


Always fresh, bold, energized and unexpected, Fergie's energy and personality is like the birth of a new day. She's original and awe inspiring, delivering exciting performances time and time again. Let outspoken Fresh by Fergie awaken your senses and reveal a brand new you.
Outspoken Fresh Eau de Parfum Spray
1.7 fl. oz.

Exotic. Bold. Voluptuous.  This wildly contrasted fragrance with lush guava flower essence and creamy sandalwood will energize and captivate your senses.

The bright, vibrant colored turquoise bottle with the sharp contrasting orange logo was personally picked by Fergie to add an unexpected and unique twist to the original, signature Outspoken bottle and cap. 

Outspoken Fresh Eau de Parfum Spray Outspoken Fresh Eau de Parfum Spray
About the Fragrance
Outspoken Fresh by Fergie is an exotic, bold and voluptuous, wildly contrasted fragrance that will ravish others as it intoxicates you!
Top Notes
Luscious Lychee-Rose, Sparkling Citrus Accord, Orange Flower
The exquisite essence opens with delightful notes of orange flower and luscious lychee-rose, enlivened with a sparkling citrus accord to create a blissful and radiant feeling.
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Middle Notes
Jasmine Absolute, Magnolia, Black Currant Flower
In the heart, the delicate jasmine notes intertwined with a delightful blend of velvety magnolia and sweet black currant flower transport you to a lush, exotic escape.
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Bottom Notes
Sandalwood, White Iris Root, Vetyver
The exotic floral heart is highlighted with a dramatic drydown that leaves a lasting impression. While the warm and leathery vetyver brings depth and sensuality to the fragrance, the precious white iris and creamy sandalwood add an addictive and long-lasting signature on skin.
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Yves Cassar, The Perfumer
Fashion trends inspired this fragrance. An arsenal of garden party and tropical floral themes have been flooding the runways and music festivals. The tropical Paradise trend with print-heavy garments, and lush tropical floral prints have been very inspiring and are reflected in the tropical and lush ingredients of the fragrance.

Outspoken Fresh is interesting because it offers an exotic escape as well as provide an addictive and long-lasting signature. I reinterpreted the fruity effect with fresh lychee and white peach nectar as a lusher remix of the original Outspoken’s wild berry and kiwi. The lychee coupled with the white peach offers a connection in coloring the top note, but in a fresher way.  The sheer cyclamen and magnolia also increases the freshness of the heart of the fragrance.  However, I wanted the fragrance to remain sensual and warm and therefore kept the vetyver in the back notes and combined it with sensual skin musk, white iris and cedar for universal addiction.