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“From my music to my wardrobe, my style is all about speaking up and making a statement,” explains Fergie. “That’s why my first-ever fragrance exudes independence—Outspoken definitely turns heads, but it also lets your true personality shine through.”

Independent, confident and true to herself, multi-platinum and award-winning artist Fergie knows how to command attention. At once coyly feminine and unabashedly sexy, the singer, actress and designer knows how to keep everyone guessing. Now every woman can have her bold expression and magnetic appeal that’s captured in her first provocative Avon fragrance: Outspoken by Fergie.
Outspoken Eau de Parfum Spray
1.7 fl. oz.
An outrageously bold expression of iced berry shockingly contrasted with ultra-feminine tuberose absolute and racy black leather. Outspoken is housed in a glam translucent black bottle topped with a cap inspired by the luxurious décor in Fergie’s bridal suite on her wedding day. An intricate vine design on the bottle and carton evokes Fergie’s creative expression.
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About the Fragrance
Outspoken by Fergie is a bold Floral Fruity fragrance with a raw, sexy, unexpected edge. Outrageously bold top notes scintillate the senses, while a feminine floral heart contrasts sharply against a leathery, sexy base.
Top Notes
Star fruit, Iced Berry and Wild Saffron
Outrageously bold top notes of succulent star fruit spiked with iced berry and wild saffron impart a mysterious sensation that scintillates the senses.
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Middle Notes
Tuberose Absolute, Midnight Jasmine and Passion Flower
A bodacious floral heart saturated with velvety tuberose enwraps itself with mysterious midnight jasmine and vibrant passion flower.
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Bottom Notes
Racy Black Leather, Raw Ebony Wood and Smoky Vetiver
The fearless feminine heart is sharply contrasted with raw sexiness and a distinct masculine edge in the back. Racy black leather and warm ebony wood are laced with a provocative base of smoky vetiver root for a sexy, long-lasting signature.
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Laurent Le Guernec, The Perfumer
Fergie wanted a highly contrasted fragrance that speaks volumes; an unexpected mix… something gorgeous and feminine yet unconventional and unexpected. After hearing her explain what she wanted, it became apparent that Fergie is a woman who is extremely strong and confident and someone who stays true to herself and her beliefs. She was my inspiration for the olfactive composition of the fragrance and I wanted to create a scent that would be as empowering as Fergie.

After my initial meeting with Fergie and the Avon team, I started to imagine the construction of the fragrance. I created an exclusive racy black leather accord to express the fearless Fergie edge and her raw sexiness. Then we added a smoky vetiver and raw woods to push the boundaries and further enhance the masculine edge. This was then balanced by a contrastingly luxe, floral heart of expensive tuberose absolute and beautiful midnight jasmine, followed by a mysterious blend of star fruit, warm wild saffron and cold iced berries.

I’m very proud of this fragrance...it’s such a unique expression of strength, beauty and confidence. It’s empowering and rebellious, yet feminine and sexy…a wonderful balance of contrasts.
Outspoken By Fergie Outspoken By Fergie Outspoken By Fergie Outspoken By Fergie